Fatty Big Foot Stand (Black)



You made the right choice.  Genuine Streeter Super Stands “Fatty” Big Foot stands.

The original, top selling and best built!  8” casters and 10" rear wheels are great for any terrain.  Standard black, red, blue powder coat finish available. Built in-house at our family owner shop in Hartford, WI USA!

The Fatty stand has the same dimensions as our standard stand expect we use 1 1/4” tubing making this the ideal stand for all different sizes and weights of karts. 

We uses the highest quality steel for our stands and they also come standard with a fold away tool tray with a tough aluminum insert. Laser cut gussets and tubes along with the best welding, assembly and packaging in the industry continue to make Streeter Super Stand Big Foots the leader in kart stands.  

There are many copy cats out there- but there is only one Streeter Super Stands.  Don't settle for less, demand that your stand is a genuine Streeter Super Stands Big Foot.
*A fixed $100 fee will be applied to orders containing this kart stand. If you want to pickup local at our shop, we will refund the $100 shipping. Lost Boyz Motorsports reserves the right to adjust the shipping fee at any time

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