Sniper Alignment Gauge Set



The most Advanced, Accurate, and Safest Laser Alignment System for Karting in the World. 

The V2 Laser Alignment System is a 2 laser system which allows you to set Camber and Toe on your kart either while on the stand or while sitting on the ground with a driver in it. Suitable to all kart racers in can fit on spindles up to 63mm and gives you the ability to measure up to 24mm of negative Camber. The Sniper V2 is made from a Stainless Steel Construction. To provide long term reliability and consistent high accuracy the unit is attached through hardened SST (55HRC) contact surfaces combined with pot magnet theory. The face of the unit has been optimized to reduce any glare and offer ultimate clarity. Comes with purpose made box for protection. 

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