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Oil Fill Cap
Animal Breather Elbow with Bushing
Adjustable Pedal Box
Briggs Exhaust Gasket (Copper)
Mikuni Fuel Pump
COMPKART Steering Wheel - Model 2020
Nose Clamps
2023 COMPKART Covert Sticker Kit
KG 506 Front Pod
Stake Axle Key 8x3x60 d. 7,5
Optional O-Ring for Pulse Plug
Pulse Plug
Pulse Plug
Rewind Starter
Spring Clip for Fuel Line
Front Wheel Hub 85-25 A/P HQ
Compkart Mag Wheel Hub 30 X 45 MM
Screw (Cylinder Shield - M4 X 11.1)
Head Gasket
Fly Wheel Key
Throttle Cable Adjuster

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