Short Arm-Single Swivel Camera Mount - Odenthal



The EZGP mount is one of the most intricate products Odenthal has ever come out with. There is a great deal of machining that goes into these pieces. The camera mounts are precisely machined from 6061-T6 Aluminum which is aerospace grade material. Odenthal machines these to very tight tolerances to ensure every assembly fits perfect and won’t fail. They also use the best hardware to prevent rust or anything that could compromise the ability of the user to use the piece to its full potential.

The Go Pro Mount mounts to the seat strut and is available in four versions. The "short" 7" bar version is for Air Cooled Karts and is available for a single or dual camera. The "long" version is designed for karts with radiators and comes with two 7" bars and is available for single or dual cameras.

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