Getting Started - Tools and Supplies Part Two

As for those that read the first article, there are a number of tools that are vital to be able to tune and repair a kart. For those that didn't catch the first article, you can catch the first part of this article here.

This article will continue with tools and even some supplies that are extremely handy to have available. So let's get started!


There are a number of pliers that are nice to have to handle everything from cutting zip ties or cables, bending seat posts (yep it happens) and other misc tasks. So here is my list:

Dikes (cutting pliers) - use these a lot to cut zip ties and cables.

Plier Set (general pliers and needle nose)

Vice-Grip pliers - many times I needed a good Vice-Grip plier to get nuts off that have become rounded.

Air Pressure Gauge

Honestly have no idea why I waited till part two of this article to say you need a good air pressure gauge. The key to remember is that we are not talking about a lot of tire pressure in these tires. Most of the time you will be somewhere between 9-12 PSI so accuracy is the most important in the gauge. I really like the Longacre basic gauge as it also has a button the let air out of the tire are you are checking the pressure.

Basic Tire Gauge

Power Tools

While not completely required, power tools do make the job go faster and often times that really is a big factor when trying to make a change between sessions. For example, I use an cordless impact wrench for tire changes and it makes the process so much easier and faster. I recommend getting a 3/8in driver as then your sockets will work with it as well.

Impact Wrench

A drill is extremely handy for there are often bolts that have to be safety wired, weights that have to be mounted and even need to drill holes to attach your transponder on your seat.

Cordless Drill

If you make sure that both the drill and impact wrench are from the same manufacturer, the batteries are interchangeable so you can always swap out batteries when you forget to charge on of the tools.

Chain Breaker

You will definitely need a good chain breaker when it comes time to change your gears. Often times, the chain will need to be lengthened or even shortened as you cannot always move the motor as far as needed as the sprocket size gets larger or smaller. In kart racing there are two kinds of chains (#35 - the most common in 4stroke/lo206 and #219 - the chain for 2 stroke) and each chain requires a different chain breaker.

#35 or #219 chain breaker


There are a variety of supplies you will need for lubrication of the chain, bearings, cleaning axles and the chassis itself (look for a cleaning your kart article soon) as well as just handy supplies to have on hand.

Blue Shop Towels - much better than just ordinary paper towels!

Green Scouring Pads - These pads are used along with WD-40 to clean your axle. Light surface rust will appear on the axle at various times and it is best to get it cleaned early and often. 

WD-40 - And here is WD-40 in a gallon container as you will use alot of WD-40 cleaning the metal portions of your kart and for various lubrications. Here is a link to the bottle we use to spray with. 
WD-40 Spray Bottle

Now there are other items but they really fit into a tuning category. Things like chain lubricant and Tri-Flow for the bearings. 

So between these two articles, this should really get you started to have a great set of tools and supplies to handle most repairs and tuning needs for your kart.