Are you considering purchasing a used kart? Found a great "deal" online? Well there are a few things to consider before you hand over your money and that is what we hope to answer in this post.

Yes we are the first to recognize Fullerton Motorsports is in the business of selling new karts and so this post might be a bit self-service. 

In reality, FMS is in the business of helping people get into karting. Really, we want to make sure you get what you need at the budget you can afford. We know racing is an expensive sport and the kart itself is just the beginning so making a good decision is critical.

So here are some things to look for when purchasing a used kart:

1) Make sure the kart is the right fit for your driver. The seller will often say "oh yeah it will fit them" but in reality the kart is either too big or too small. "He/She will grow into it" is not a good answer for buying a kart that is too big!

2) Check your local track to see what classes actually being run. If you find a great deal on a kid kart that has a Honda GXH35 but your track requires the GXH50, you will have an extra cost that you did not plan on. So always check with your local track and club first before you decide.

3) Sit in the kart! Make sure your driver fits the seat or this is yet another expense that you could have avoided. The driver may fit the kart but if the seat is too small or too big, you will need a new seat.

4) Check the chassis and look at every square inch of it. Look for cracks or messy welds. A cracked chassis is not repairable (yes folks will say "just weld it" but we do not recommend that).

5) Make sure your local shop can assist you (again a bit self-serving I know). This is really important as you are just getting into the sport. You will need parts (the right ones) and you will have lots of questions on setup and the like, so having someone who knows the kart brand is really a big plus.

There are some good deals on used karts (often times FMS will have some good used ones) but make sure you know as much about the kart as possible. And sometimes a new kart is a better deal. It will all come down to your total cost of ownership in an already expensive sport.